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Many zines today aren't

Apparently anyone can write a "zine." All you do is write a few pages and staple it and poof, you have a zine!
And the contents of these zines will usually be about riding bikes, veganism/vegetarianism, anarchy,political activism, bad poetry, bad art, feminist "ideas" and that's about it. Seems a lot of these zines are so void of originality they might as well be used for toilet paper. Never mind the fact you would not be able to properly wipe your ass with one since they are usually the tiny, cute and trendy size and a whopping 10 pages. What gets me is that a majority of these type zines just rehash the same old shit and the people don't seem to put a lot of thought or originality in them. Trade? It's not worth it. Most of the ones I have read the past couple of years have been absolute crap. Maybe it's because it's trendy now to do a "zine."

Here's an example of what makes me so frustrated about many of the "zines" being produced - This is a white guy with dreads showing us all how to "make a zine."

What you see is what you get

I'm disgusted

Today while in a local medical clinic, I had to use the  bathroom.  As I was letting out my stream of piss, someone came into the bathroom and used the stall next to mine.
I exited the stall and went to wash my hands at the sink like I would hope most people would do.  After flushing her toilet, the woman leaves her stall and heads out the door. Without washing her hands. What's the big deal you say? Well first of all it's just gross, especially when using a public restroom. Initially I thought, "Eww, she didn't wash her hands" but I turned to look at her as she pulled open the door and walked out into the hallway wearing green scrubs. Then I asked myself, "Oh my god she works here?"

I saw her a minute later leaning up against the wall by the door waiting for someone. She was wearing a work tag and I walked past her and glanced at her tag to see if she worked at this medical facility where I was. My plan was to rat on her if she was an employee of this medical facility. Her tag read "Encore Senior Village." That's a nursing home on University Parkway. I became immediately pissed off at this woman for being such a pig that she couldn't be bothered to wash her hands after she peed in the stall AND the fact that she worked at a nursing home and was wearing her uniform. It was apparent she either came from work or was going to work.
Never mind the possibility that since she is so lazy that she cannot wash her hands and she is a nursing home assistant and could give a sick elderly person something like, say, Hepatitis C or even the common cold germ which could easily kill someone with a weakened immune system. If she practices this lack of hygiene, I wouldn't want her even working in a nursing home. To me, it shows she just does not care about others. I suspect that when she uses the bathroom at the nursing home, she doesn't wash her hands there either. As far as I am concerned she is part of the unwashed masses, is irresponsible and should not be working in a facility where she comes into physical contact with the elderly. Would you want your grandmother or grandfather's food or medicine being pawed by some pig who doesn't care enough to wash her hands after she uses the bathroom? I sure wouldn't.
I thought of my grandmother as she lay in her hospital bed on the 3rd floor of my aunt's house in Gautier, Mississippi. She's on her deathbed and is slowly deteriorating. I'm glad she's not in a nursing home.
If there is one woman like this who doesn't practise personal hygiene and works in a nursing home, there are plenty of others.
Perhaps I wouldn't take it so personally if my grandmother were not suffering and slowly dying. Perhaps I wouldn't take it so seriously if my sister and niece weren't infected with Hepatitis C. I'm just mad and disgusted.

Encore Senior Village at Pensacola
9015 University Parkway
Pensacola, FL 32514
Phone: 850.477.6400
Fax: 850.477.8809

Assisted Living Facility #9068


I remember as a 3 year old kid being told to go outside by my mother in Eau Gallie, Florida (near Melbourne) to watch the rockets take off into space. I do believe I saw some astronauts going up into space too. We'd first watch the initial launchings on the television set, then run outside to watch them live in the blue Florida sky. To this day, I'm still amazed that I got to watch history live in the making. Below is a clip of Apollo 11 on its way to the moon. I remember watching Neil Armstrong leaving the lunar module to step foot on the moon.

Heavy Metal Is Alive and Well in Iran

Banana smoothie DIY

Love smoothies but don't want to pay $5 for one at the local Smoothie Ripoff Shack? Try this. It also works for sugar cravings at night.

Buy bananas , peel them and put them in plastic bags and throw them in the freezer.

Buy a bag of apples (any kind you like)

Buy soy milk. I like vanilla flavored. Or use milk if you hate soy milk.


Buy 1 blender. No need to spend money on a food processor. The blender is a poor woman's food processor.

Take 1 frozen banana, cut it into small pieces. Take 1 or 2 apples (if small) and peel, de-seed and de-core and cut up into small pieces. Don't make the fruit pieces too big or your blender won't like it.
Pour in soy milk about half way covering your fruit. Gently blend until smooth. Pour into big cup and enjoy. Helps with the late night sugar cravings and good for you too. Makes enough for two or more coffee cups full for your friends or one large cup.

Nov. 26th, 2007

If I were very hungry I would probably eat this too.